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Our Origins

Aviotec is rooted in its origins, performing aircraft line maintenance for various airlines operating under 14CFR Part 129 at Los Angeles International Airport in the 1990s. Inspired by its humble beginning, today's Aviotec is offering a broader range of services, including maintenance and inspections on aircraft under Part 91 and Part 135, and installation of advanced systems and equipment


Aviotec Management Group Acquires Corporate Aircraft Service

With years of experience working on jet aircraft, Tim Morrissey (left) founded Corporate Aircraft Service at SRQ in 2008. Tim ran the business successfully until he made the decision to retire in 2021. Victor Mena (right) has been in aviation since the 1980s and founded a successful ground handling company in California. His new company, Aviotec Management Group, acquired Corporate Aircraft Service through a subsidiary company in June 2021. To this day, Tim continues to share his know-how and provide support as Victor works to take CAS to the next level as Aviotec Maintenance.

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